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The purpose of this blog is to give hope to millions of couples who are facing issues of infertility. With GOD ALL things are possible! I would like to dedicate this blog to my husband, Issac, (hince the different name spelling from the bible)whose prayers have sustained me through this emotional journey to have children. Thank you for praying for me and loving me unconditionally! I love you with all of my heart. "For this child we prayed" (1 Samuel 1:27) and GOD WILL answer our prayers!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's Trying To Conceive Tuesday!

Welcome to Issacsprayer & Trying To Conceive Tuesdays! What are you doing to prepare for your pregnancy, your miracle? Is it too soon to start watching what you eat and making sure you are eating well-balanced meals and drinking healthy amounts of water? Is it necessary to start taking a pre-natal vitamin? Should you start and maintain a pregnancy safe regime for exercise? Maybe you have asked yourself these questions and many more a thousand times. Perhaps, you have convinced yourself that it would be absolutely ridiculus to prepare for something with no guarantee. I beg to differ. If you have decided that you are trying to conceive....it is not too soon to start paying attention to what you eat in order to make sure you are eating a well-balanced meal or slowly introducing 64 ounces of water daily into your diet. It is not too soon to start taking pre-natal vitamins or to develop a pregnancy safe exercise regime. The earllier you start making these changes for the better, perhaps the better you will feel, and the healthier your miracle pregnancy will be!! And just in case you didn't notice...this is also an act of faith. Remember, faith without works is dead! Prepare your body for the miracle pregnancy that GOD is going to bless you with. You want GOD to know that you trust him and that you are going to do all that you can to take care of your body, his temple, and your womb. Infertility can sometimes make you feel powerless. You come to realize that you have no control over normal functions such as having a regular menstrual cycle, or ovulation. Do not focus on what you cannot control! Focus on what you can control! You can control what you eat, what you drink, what supplements your body gets and what exercise your body gets. In other words, if you are Trying To Conceive, treat your body accordingly! Infertility can cause a great deal of emotional stress (Notice I did not say that stress causes infertility, but infertility can cause stress!) Therefore you need to counteract this emotional stress with some physical additives that will naturally help you feel a little more in control! So if you haven't done so already, create a trying to conceive journal with a meal plan, exercise plan and pre-natal vitamin regimen. Prepare for your pregnancy, seek God for wisdom and strength, maintain your faith and trust in GOD and I dare you to wait for that miracle pregnancy. Until next time, May God Bless Your Womb!

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