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The purpose of this blog is to give hope to millions of couples who are facing issues of infertility. With GOD ALL things are possible! I would like to dedicate this blog to my husband, Issac, (hince the different name spelling from the bible)whose prayers have sustained me through this emotional journey to have children. Thank you for praying for me and loving me unconditionally! I love you with all of my heart. "For this child we prayed" (1 Samuel 1:27) and GOD WILL answer our prayers!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thoughts of Love and Peace Thursday!

Welcome to issacsprayer! It is Thoughts of Love and Peace Thursdays. Today I want to encourage you to think positive thoughts regarding your fertility journey.
In Phillipians 4:8 it says-"whatsoever things are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report, if there be any virtue and if there be any praise, think of these things." No matter what the doctors or the statistics say, think on good things. Let me give you an example...Maybe your doctor has said that you and your husband have a fertility issue and you have to pursue an expensive treatment option such as IVF in order to have a possible but no garauntee chance of having children...you may be wondering, how am I suppose to think on the good things? where is, if any, the good in this situation? Well, the scripture says:

1.whatsoever things are true-it is true that you are a child of God, it is true that God promised to give you the desires of your heart, it is true that God is a faithful God.
2.whatsoever things are honest-you have been honest with God about your desire to have children. you have been honest with YOURSELF and any relevant person such as your spouse about your feelings and what you REALLY want.
3.whatsoever things are just (meaning honorable, or righteous): the word of God is just. you can think about how to honor GOD through this trail in your life. how can you honorably deal with your situation, i.e.talk to and help others who are dealing with infertility, become an advocate, etc...
4.whatsoever things are pure- God's love for you is pure. his promises to you are pure(free from impurities and contanminants)therefore there is nothing, absolutely nothing that could interfere with God's love and promises for you!
5.whatsoever things are lovely-you will have a GOD given miracle of a lovely pregnancy, a lovely delivery, a lovely child or children and you will be a lovely parent.
6.whatsoever things are of good report: regardless of ANYthing else (including the financial part)the good report is that you have treatment options. the good report is that God is in control and he has the last say. the good report is that he blessed the wombs of many other women before you...so why wouldn't or couldn't he bless yours. the good report is that you have the faith in GOD and the relationship with God to ask him for the very thing your heart desires. the good report is that it only takes a mustard seed amount of faith to move a mountain...in this case the obstacle, problem, or issue that is keeping you from becoming a parent. the good report is...GOD IS ABLE! HE HAS THE POWER TO BLESS YOUR WOMB!

It is very important to remember to take what "people" say with a grain of salt. Do not let people and their words determine how you proceed through your fertility journey. Don't let anyone deposit any negative thoughts into your faith bank! This is important because the more you think of positive things, the quicker you will begin to believe these positive things for your life, regardless of what things appear to be. This is called faith building. God will honor you for your faith, he will love to know that you trust him despite what is going on around you.

So as you walk through your fertilty journey, think of good things. Think of peace. think of GOD and his promises. think of proving the doctor wrong. think of holding your miracle in your arms. think of the possibilities...because with God ALL things...ALL things...A-L-L things...ALL things...including your ability to concieve...it is possible...i repeat, ALL things are possible with GOD-Matthew 19:26.

Until next time, May God Bless your Womb!

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